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Here's what our guests are saying...


  • “I would like to commend the Jump Time staff who demonstrate exceptional qualities in their work and commitment to making this facility "the place to be" for all customers I am impressed as an educator, that staff are able to acknowledge the strengths of each child and provide the necessary, positive support to each and build the self esteem that many children lack at home, school and other environments. With this group of young Jump Time staff I look forward to seeing the growth of a business that will be responsible for improving the quality of lives for a lot of kids who need these exceptional role models.”
    —Cathy Nakao, Habilitation Interventionist, A&R Case Management
  • “Today, my son had a birthday party at your facility. It was nothing short of awesome. He and his friends had a blast, and it was a hassle free, organized experience for us adults. Not only did we have help serving/hosting but also watching the kids. This gave us a chance to actually watch and enjoy our birthday boy and his friends having fun. The facility itself is kept up wonderfully and the staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and most of all FUN! This is a high quality place to spend your money. I will definitely refer this as a great option for both fun and for parties. THANK YOU for making this birthday a memorable one!!”
    —Alanna Packer
  • “My daughter's childhood friend celebrated her 14th birthday with JumpTime Idaho Last month. It was our first time, but oh what a fantastic time we all had! The facility was very clean, bright, and exciting. The staff was friendly and ensured that everything went off without a hitch. But most of all we all could not stop laughing and having a good time for hours. The trampolines seemed to go on for miles and we could not get enough of the foam pit. My teenagers have been begging to go back ever since. As a parent the best part is that it offers an indoor activity during the winter months that is both fun and good exercise. Thanks again JumpTime Idaho!”
    —Tanya S.
  • “Chad Babcock, the owner of JumpTime & TumbleTime is an All-America gymnast & competed on the US Development Team in Aerial Skiing. His professional background, combined with his fun attitude, make TumbleTime & JumpTime successful. Parents love the safety aspect & kids love the fun.”
    —Sam Sandmire, former BSU head gymnastics coach.
  • “Kids are going to flip and twist anyway. Why not give them a safe environment so they can learn progressively? TumbleTime provides this environment.”
  • “JumpTime is hands-down the best & most fun place in the Treasure Valley to wear out your kids.”
  • “Kids get fit at JumpTime without realizing it's a workout because they're having so much fun!”
  • “The most fun birthday parties my kid has ever attended were at JumpTime.”
  • “JumpTime is the ultimate playground for kids & teens.”
  • “Athletes from every sport can benefit from the core strength & coordination they will develop at JumpTime.”
  • “Whipping soft dodgeballs at each other while bouncing on trampolines is a kids' dream.”
  • “Wall-to-wall trampolines! Need I say more?”
  • “My son competes in freestyle skiing. He learns & practices all of his tricks on trampoline first before taking them to snow. Progressive learning & practice at TumbleTime & JumpTime have been crucial in his development.”
    —Sam Sandmire, former BSU head gymnastics coach.
  • “Jump Time has been a great addition to our weekly schedule! Where else can you get great exercise without even thinking you're doing anything other than having fun?”
    —Linda P.
  • “My freestyle skiing tricks have really improved thanks to Jump Time!”
    —Andrew R.