Safety First!

For your safety, please come dressed in appropriate gym wear: no belt buckles, jewelry, pants with studs/rivets, or anything sharp.

JumpTime Rules


  • You must have completed a registration form - Jumpers under 18 must have a parent or guardian complete the registration form.
  • DO NOT jump if you are pregnant or have any health limitations
  • NO screaming or profanity while in JumpTime—you kiss your mom with that mouth
  • NO wrestling, racing or tackling each other—this is JumpTime, not the MMA
  • Empty your Mouth—NO food or drinks on the trampoline courts, platforms and inflatables
  • NO gum
  • NO touching the red pads
  • NO jumpers weighing over 275 lbs (125 kg)
  • NO outside food or drinks allowed in the facility
  • Be safe and have fun!

Trampoline Court

  • Trampolines can be dangerous. Jump at your own risk and jump within your ability.
  • DO NOT touch the netting
  • NO double bouncing another individual—you're not a ball
  • NO sitting or lying down on the railings, trampolines or pads
  • NO electronics (cell phones, cameras, etc.) on trampolines
  • EMPTY YOUR POCKETS—NO keys, jewelry, belt buckles, or other sharp objects on the trampoline courts and inflatables


  • NO HEADSHOTS, you will be called out
  • YOU ARE OUT if you are hit by a live ball, throw a live ball that is caught by an opposing player, cross the center line, or throw a headshot
  • ONCE OUT you cannot reenter until the next game begins
  • ONCE the ball hits anything it is dead
  • YOU MAY deflect a ball being thrown at you by using a ball in your hands
  • EACH team should begin the game with an even amount of balls and players
  • NO holding a ball for longer than 10 seconds
  • NO kicking the dodgeball

Foam Pit

  • Jump feet first into the pit
  • Land on your feet and seat
  • No landing on your head or Stomach
  • No diving or belly flopping—this isn’t a pool
  • No throwing or picking at foam
  • After landing in pit, climb out immediately, it isn’t a bath tub
  • Wait until the pit is clear before you jump
  • Don’t bury yourself in the foam, others could land on you—ouch!
  • Foam is to stay in the pit, otherwise it won’t be a foam pit!